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DiMeCon supports organisations, who’s core businesses depends on technology and relies on the economics of technology, in various business areas. This is referred to as offering an “extended Workbench”.

Technology is not necessarily the core business of our customers, but it surely is key to their success. Many companies have optimized their technical departments to strictly meet the demands of day to day business. Additional projects, being e.g. the evaluation of newly available products in the market, often lead to a challenge on the account of time management and production capacities. Therefore we offer support for all phases of projects, offering our customers total flexibility in the way these projects will be handled.

Our support comprises “standard” Management Consulting services, but can also include also management and implementation of ICT projects, implementation support for new services, testing (field and lab) of new technologies, performing feasibility studies, business and financial planning, selection of the right investment partners or public funding, OSS (Operational Support Services) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

A detailed list of references and projects can be found on the What we achieved page.

Whether looking for a partner for reorganising internal process, introducing innovative technologies or approaches or just wanting to test or even develop one or more technical appliances, DiMeCon can help in various ways from setting up a project up to performing the project completely autonomous from you operational environment. Every customer can choose to what extend DiMeCon will engage on a per project basis.

To learn more about the offering of DiMeCon please refer to the What we can do Page.

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