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Recreating with Optical Speed

DiMeCon has now completed phase I of the “Optical Fiber to the Tent” project with customer Strandpark de Zeeuwse Kust in the Netherlands. The very innovative minded management of this resort has recognized the importance of and the opportunities offered by modern digital platforms in the recreational and hospitality business. Therefore the management has choosen to enhance their existing digital services network with glasfibre optic connections, connecting every house or appartement and every camping site with optical fibre, building the base for services as e.g.:

– offering HD and SD digital television in multiple languages
– offering Interactive Television (IPTV) for interaction with the hotel guests about news and programms within the facility
– fast internet by wireless throughout the whole resort
– energy management services optimizing power usage
– automated energy readings for each individual asset within the facility


A big challenge within this project was the integration process, of the existing network ( both business and leasure ) and the new high performance network. Here, DiMeCon was challenged with the integration / modernisation of the old analogue TV network containing DOCSIS data modems for internet. This network would now be enhanced by a digital cable TV head end combined with a new high peformance fiber optic network, offering almost 200 times the performance of the legacy coaxial  network.

Phase I comprised the build out of the optical fibres on the newly build rental house area. All camping sites and Bungalows are now up and running on the quadruple play optical network.
Phase II will comprise the transformation of the cable head-end system into a highly modern IPTV and HD TV cable head end offering interactive services throughout the high speed data network whereas at the same time offering HD and SDTV to all non IP type TV’s.

Phase III will comprise the integration of a new kids hotel into the infrastructure and the upgrade of the existing coaxial infrastructure to a Hybrid optical coax infrastructure.

Phase IV will comprise integration of smart home and energy service onto the new platform, allowing for smarter control of the infrastructure and reduction of unnecessary cost, caused by non efficient use of energy.

During and after the implemenation phases, DiMeCon will of course remain the operational partner for “Strandpark de Zeeuwse Kust” and help support the ITC services needed to satisfy all customer demands. This site will inform about the new projects realized by DiMeCon

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