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DiMeCon founded in 2007, was initially only offering support in planning, calculating and realising ICT projects and Infrastructure Roll-Out of e.g Glasfibre Infrastructures for triple play services or Cable TV companies.

DiMeCon acknowledged that the available know-how within the company and partner network, was more than the actual services offered to the customers. Subsequently DiMeCon expanded the range of services with Technology Consulting, Implementation Support Services, Operational Support Services and Business Process Outsourcing and later on with expertise in capacity planning and quality improvement of power infrastructures. Additionally DiMeCon started to work on the development of some innovative add-ons to support the green energy initiatives in several countries.

Next to having the expertise to build and plan infrastructures, DiMeCon also developed and implemented highly efficient process models for the operating infrastructures and handling operational issues, on site as well as remote to reduce cost in exploiting operational business for Independent Network Operators (IDNO’s).

When entering new emerging markets, (pieces of) technology needed, also called building blocks, are possibly not available with the technical requirements needed at that time or too expensive to obtain in the form needed. In those cases DiMeCon evaluates the requirements and develops the needed device or interface if calculation show the feasibility and that a commercial sensible price range can be met. An example is the development of an interface board for a power meter, which could not be delivered by the manufacturer in 9 months, but could be produced by DiMeCon in 2 Months, enabling a faster roll out of the smart metering platform. Our motto “where technology meets business” refers to our playing field, being the interface between physical infrastructure, ICT and Business Finances always levelling between the amount of new technology to use and what cost related to these are acceptable. Enabling a good insight and therefore a very efficient way of working, even for smaller projects or companies.

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