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New eras require new approaches for Businesses to position themselves successfully in their competitive markets, especially relating to electronic communication devices and systems. Many organisations where forced into heavy optimisation of the planned budgets for operations, hence also reducing the spare capacities available to test new technologies, which could become a key factor for operations.

Optimizing at a too high level can lead to vulnerability when there is a need to react on non-planned issues. Too little optimisation is very expensive, a luxury, too expensive as a security shield. Long term efficiency, is therefore something to think about instead of short term cost cuttings, after all sometimes a major cost reduction can be achieved with minor investments. When having to cope with unplanned projects, new projects or non core processes we can offer support and even outsourcing of these projects to us, temporarily or permanent for the following areas of expertise:

  • Consulting Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Optimizing or Redesigning business processes and roles
  • Business and Financial planning for new products and / or technologies or integration of renewable energies in existing infrastructures
  • Supporting DSO’s, DNO’s or IDNO’s in (re-)structuring operations
  • Technical Consulting
  • IT consulting
  • Hardware production and distribution
  • IT Architectural design
  • Network Planning and design, HF, Fibre; Copper
  • Integration and Migration concepts
  • Project Management and executing customer Projects
  • Setting up projects within the customer’s organisation and control or as an external project executed within DiMeCon, with a clear controlling, reporting and result definition towards the customer.
  • Delivery mechanisms can be defined individually, e.g. Report based, (fast) Prototype or BOT (Build Operate Transfer when designing and implementing complex projects containing hardware- software design and development onto existing or newly designed infrastructures.
  • Development of Soft-and Hardware components or systems

DiMeCon specialises in Rapid Prototype development with the aim to prove feasibility of new approaches / projects based on innovative or non commercially available technologies. Design of User Front-Ends is probably the most often tailor made software. After all service differentiation and speed determines the competitive advantage in these modern times. Differentiation also means that not only the products and services( organisational structures) make a difference but this needs to be enabled/ supported by the technical infrastructure.

  • R&D Projects

We support our customer’s R&D projects by performing important but time consuming integration projects or multi national projects without an additional strain on the technical staff. Examples of R&D efforts of DiMeCon can be found at the “What we achieved” section of this Site.

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contact details :

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